Generators in Warsaw, IN

N.E.W. Plumbing & Heating provides complete home services solutions including heating, cooling, and plumbing services. Our team helps to protect your home against extreme temperatures and flooding. We also help guard against power loss due to storms, ice, and other events. When the power goes out in your home, a few hours without lights and television screens may not seem like a potential emergency. However, consider how your furnace, air conditioner, sump pump, and other appliances rely on electricity to protect your family and property against severe weather. Having a backup generator can make sure that your home stays protected and comfortable through long power outages.

Home Backup Generators

A home backup generator prevents disaster during sudden power outages. N.E.W. Plumbing & Heating specializes in installing Generac generators for home back-up use. We have a wide selection of high quality generators to suit any homeowner’s needs. Unlike a big box retail store, our team provides complete consultation, installation, and insight into operating your home backup generator safely.

How Does a Home Backup Generator Work?

Most homeowners are familiar with portable generators. These are common sights at festivals, campgrounds, tailgating at sports events and boating. Portable generators provide on-demand electricity when you are off the grid. 

   When you lose power during a storm or for any other reason, some homeowners turn to small portable generators to provide supplemental power to appliances like sump pumps, refrigerators and lamps. Unfortunately, portable generators may not produce the wattage needed to power furnaces and air conditioners during prolonged periods of power loss.

A home backup generator is uniquely suited to protect your home and keep your family safe. These generators range in size of wattage and design. These are stationary units located outside of your home, like an air conditioner, and are always ready to provide power to your home. 

Home backup generators provide peace of mind by operating independently. These systems most often run on gasoline but some models operate on propane or natural gas. Our experts install a transfer switch into your home electrical panel. When power loss occurs, the transfer switch allows electricity to enter your home from the generator instead of the main power lines from the street. 

Are Whole-Home Generators Worth It?

Home backup generators are extremely valuable to protect your home and family. The loss of power can quickly cause expensive disasters in your home.  For instance, if power is lost during a winter storm your furnace will not operate. Loss of heat threatens the security of your family and can lead to frozen pipes and water damage. 

Another example is loss of power during a thunderstorm. Excessive rain threatens basements that rely on sump pumps to stay dry. A home backup generator ensures your sump pump continues to run and your basement is not flooded.

Home backup generators range in capacity and cost. This means that N.E.W. Plumbing & Heating can customize a system for your home. Some homeowners need to protect the most critical appliances. In these cases, a smaller generator can run your sump pump and kitchen appliances. For other homeowners, who need to power more equipment including the larger demands of furnaces and air conditioners, an upgrade to a larger generator can be the best solution.

The ultimate home back generator system can provide exceptional security even if you are not home when power loss occurs. In these designs, when power is lost at the street, the generator is engaged automatically. Once power is restored, the generator will shut down and the transfer switch will resume normal operation. These systems can be matched to the optimal needs of your home so your entire household can continue without interruption even if the main source of power is down.

Can You Hook Up A Portable Generator To Your House?

Portable generators are designed to provide supplemental power. Even large generators from a big box retailer have limitations. The signal from most generators is sufficient for simple appliances but can harm more sensitive equipment including smartphones, televisions and computers. Expensive appliances can also be damaged by improper generator use.

A web of extension cords and power strips presents a major risk of fire and damage to your property. Likewise, a transfer switch and generator that is not professionally installed risks compromising your electrical system. When you trust our team to install a generator into your home, we focus on safety and long term benefits for your home.

How Long Can A Whole-House Generator Run Continuously?

This is one of the most common questions and the reason it is important to trust professionals for guidance on installing the best home backup generator. The amount of power demanded from your home will greatly impact the fuel usage of a generator. When you have a generator connected to your gas line, it can run continuously for up to 500 hours. However, it is not advisable to run your generator much longer than that. If your generator is not connected to a natural gas line, then you will need to continue to refill it with propane or gasoline.

What is the Best Home Backup Generator?

The ultimate solution in home backup generators is a natural gas generator with automatic start and remote monitoring. The goal of a home backup generator is to protect your home and family during power loss. 

  • A natural gas generator does not need to be refueled because it operates just like your furnace. 
  • An automatic start feature means power loss in the middle of the night or when you’re away from home does not interrupt your home’s systems. For homeowners who have medical devices or travel away from home frequently, this is a very important solution. 
  • Remote monitoring allows you to stay connected with your home backup generator without venturing outside into the elements. Power loss typically occurs during extreme weather events including icy, snow and thunderstorms. Access to remote monitoring keeps your inside warm, dry and safe from harm.

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A home backup generator can provide peace of mind and protect your quality of life during electrical power outages. As a local company, N.E.W. Plumbing & Heating understands the needs of our community. Severe weather occurs all year round and many homeowners face possible emergencies every time power outages occur. Our team is eager to consult with you to design the best solution to suit your needs from basic protection of critical appliances to completely automated home backup generators. Contact our team for more information.