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Humidifier Installation in Warsaw, IN

One of the most popular indoor air quality products offered by N.E.W Plumbing & Heating are whole house humidifiers. Installing a humidifier directly into your HVAC system has a variety of benefits and requires little maintenance. The purpose of a humidifier is to regulate the relative humidity within your home. This is especially important when dry air arrives during the Indiana winters. 

While you cannot change the air outdoors, improving your indoor air quality especially during winter when you spend most of your time inside is a smart investment in your family’s comfort and health.

How to Tell If Your Indoor Air is Dry?

Feeling uncomfortable in your home is often related to the humidity level. The simplest way to test your home is using a humidistat. These small devices measure the relative humidity of a room. The ideal relative humidity is 40-60% for indoor comfort. The higher the relative humidity, the more moisture exists within the air. When humidity rises too high in a room, the air will feel heavy. When levels fall below 40%, the air feels colder and dry. There are many telltale symptoms of dry air including:


Chapped lips, itchy skin and scratchy eyes are common ailments when air quality drops. The oil and moisture in your skin can be greatly affected by dry air.


Coughing, dry mucous membranes in your nose and aggravated allergies are very common when air is dry. During cold and flu season, already irritated asthma and other respiratory issues may be worse due to poor indoor air quality.

Static Electricity

Increased static electricity in carpets, clothes and other fabrics is another common symptom. Moisture helps to diminish electrons. When air is dry electrons stick to fabrics and shock your toes and hands.

What Does a Humidifier Do?

Just like a tabletop or portable humidifier, a whole house humidifier is a device that adds water droplets to air. Humidifiers installed by N.E.W. work by directly treating all the air moving through your home. These devices install directly into your HVAC systems typically at the furnace or air handler. A humidistat measures the relative humidity of air as it enters your system. The humidifier adds water droplets to the warm air within the furnace increasing the relative humidity throughout your entire home. While these humidifiers are highly effective, they are relatively inexpensive and require little maintenance. 

Benefits of Humidifiers

Homeowners generally choose to install a humidifier for comfort. Many homeowners delight in humidifiers to alleviate dry skin, irritated sinuses, dry throat and other issues directly related to dry air. Better sleep is commonly reported because dry air can affect your soft palate. When suffering from colds and flu, higher humidity can help reduce inflammation.

A second benefit is that you can lower your thermostat to save on energy costs. Humid air feels warmer than dry air. This often means you can drop the settings by a couple of degrees and save on energy usage and monthly bills.

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