The thermostat in your home controls the overall temperature of the HVAC system. Monitoring the ambient temperature, the thermostat engages the furnace, air conditioner and fan for your central air system.

When Should You Replace a Thermostat?

There are common signs to warn you when a thermostat is faulty. Beyond the thermostat not working, be aware of these 6 warning signs:

  • Temperature Fluctuations. Thermostats maintain a stable temperature in your home. When there are fluctuations in temperature, the thermostat may be failing. A professional can test the unit and advise if a new thermostat is needed.
  • False Readings. If the temperature within your home doesn’t match the setting on your thermostat, the components within the thermostat may be failing. 
  • HVAC Turns Off and On. Like a false reading and temperature fluctuations, if your HVAC system turns off and on unexpectedly, components within the thermostat may be the culprit. Contacting the professionals and N.E.W. will help you solve this problem.
  • Sudden Rise in Utility Bills. If there is a sudden rise in energy usage, your energy bill will be suddenly higher. While many components within your HVAC system can affect your energy bill, an aging thermostat may run your system more frequently and for longer cycles than necessary. 
  • Older than 10 years old. The average life cycle of many thermostats is around a decade. Technological advances will improve the efficiency and ease of use of a new thermostat. 
  • Not Programmable or Analog. These types of thermostats have been replaced by new programmable, Wi-Fi and smart thermostats that improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and can make a real impact on your energy consumption.

If you notice any changes in the function of your heating or cooling HVAC system or if your thermostat is aging, consider contacting N.E.W. Plumbing and Heating for a new thermostat.

What Types of Thermostats Does N.E.W. Offer?

Non programmable

These thermostats are simple. This design allows you to adjust the temperature setting. These models maintain the temperature at all times.


You can save money on your utility bills by programming these thermostats to your regular schedule. Adjusting temperatures to consume less energy when you are away from home lowers your bills without affecting your comfort. During the summer months, you might program the air conditioning system to keep the house warmer when you are away. Likewise during the cooler months, you can set a program to adjust your temperature to a cooler setting when you are away or when you are sleeping. 

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats use apps to make programming your thermostat very easy. You can even set the application to learn your schedule using geofence. Unlike basic programmable thermostats, smart thermostats adjust your home setting when you leave with your phone.

Smart thermostats still have all the features of traditional thermostats. This means they can be adjusted manually or adjusted from the app on your smartphone.

What Are the Benefits of a New Thermostat?

Since new thermostats offer programmable features and smartphone compatibility options, new thermostats can really improve your energy efficiency. Lowering your energy bill is always a welcome idea. 

The most important benefit of a new thermostat is helping your HVAC system run smoothly. Since thermostats are reasonably priced, N.E.W. always advises proactively testing and replacing thermostats.

Finally, installing a new thermostat reduces the strain and risk of damage to the HVAC system. A new thermostat assures the sensors and other components are running optimally. This means your furnace or air conditioner runs on time and only for the necessary time. The more efficiently your system runs, the lower your risk of repair becomes.

Contact the Experts at N.E.W. for Thermostat Installation Services

Whether you think your thermostat is failing or you would like to improve the efficiency of your home, contact us. We can show you all the benefits and drawbacks of the various options and explain the best solution for your space. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment with our service team.