Planned Customer Service Program

Planned Customer Service Program

Life is busy and remembering to schedule maintenance for your heating and cooling system can easily be overlooked. N.E.W Plumbing & Heating offers a comprehensive maintenance program for heating and cooling maintenance. 

The best part of our program is FREE registration! You receive a discounted rate simply for registering for our list. You only pay for the services provided. 

Planned Customer Service Program includes: 

  • $89 flat free cleaning check (special discounted rate) for each appliance:
    • Air Conditioning tune-up in spring
    • Furnace tune-up in fall
    • Geothermal maintenance in spring and fall
    • Additional fees apply for furnace filters and other parts
  • N.E.W. talented support team calls you to schedule service checks

How to Register for N.E.W.’s Planned Customer Service Program

Registration is free, but you do need to join our list to be eligible for the discounted rate. You can do so by simply contacting our team or filling out the form below! We take it from there, contacting you at the ideal time each season to perform maintenance.



Benefits of Maintenance

Regular maintenance of all home services appliances has a wide range of benefits. N.E.W. trains all year on the latest equipment, techniques and industry trends. When our experts perform an inspection, you are assured your air conditioning and heating systems are ready for the weather in all seasons. The most common reasons our loyal customers enjoy our Planned Customer Service Program include:

Energy Efficiency

Clean, lubricated and calibrated systems run efficiently. By checking all components, adjusting loose connections and cleaning the system, our technicians help reduce your energy bill.


Heating and cooling systems are easily affected by dirty, debris and other blockages in the system. Our technicians take the time to inspect your system so airflow is optimized and verify your thermostat is working properly.

Indoor Air Quality

While we offer many products that specifically target indoor air quality including air cleaners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air purification, a thorough cleaning of equipment restores indoor air quality on many systems. 

Preventing Repairs

For many customers maintenance avoids breakdowns during the extreme temperature of summer and winter. Our technicians aim to catch minor issues before major components fail as well. 

Longer Life

Neglected air conditioners, furnaces, geothermal units and other home appliances cost more to operate and usually break down faster than well-maintained equipment. Tune-ups are a relatively inexpensive investment in maximizing the lifespan of your heating and cooling system.