Backflow Services

Backflow Services

Backflow in plumbing describes the unwanted flow of water in the reverse direction. Contaminated water supplies pose a serious health risk to your home and family. For this reason, you should contact N.E.W. Plumbing and Heating at the first sign of backflow.

What Is Backflow?

There are two common types of backflow: back pressure backflow and siphonage backflow. Both of these types can be monitored and prevented by a backflow preventer.

Backpressure Backflow

Backpressure backflow occurs when pressure changes inside your water system. If the pressure in your home exceeds the pressure in the supply line, backflow may occur. This can be caused by changes in your home or outside sources like water main breaks, line flushing or fire fighting. Installing a backflow preventer will monitor and stop backflow from occurring due to backpressure backflow.

Back Siphonage

Back siphonage describes a vacuum or partial vacuum brought on by negative pressure in the water line. Broken and damaged lines can cause this issue. Backflow preventers help protect backflow from occurring due to back siphonage.

Backflow Preventer

If backflow occurs, clean drinking water can become contaminated. This is a major health risk for your family. Backflow can also lead to sewage water entering your home. Backflow preventers monitor changes in pressure, and shut off valves close the water line to prevent water from back flowing into your home’s system. Installing a backflow preventer is smart for many homeowners concerned about backflow.

Backflow preventers do not require maintenance but should be checked regularly and replaced when components age or mechanisms fail. Our team can inspect and replace backflow preventers at your property.

How to Fix Backflow? 

Fixing and preventing backflow at your property should be performed by a professional. The team at N.E.W. are equipped to help you and keep your family healthy. Backflow preventers should always be installed by a plumber. We will recommend the best device for your home and install it in the best location. A backflow preventer must be installed in the proper location to work effectively. Installing a backflow preventer with N.E.W. is as simple as contacting us. We will take care of the details and quickly work to protect your home.

Contact N.E.W. for Backflow Prevention Services

The plumbers and heating and cooling technicians at N.E.W. have served the homeowners of Warsaw, IN and the surrounding area since 1972. We offer a full range of plumbing maintenance, repair and installation services, including backflow prevention. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our team.