Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposals

Most plumbers will tell you the benefits of garbage disposals far outweigh the drawbacks. The experts at N.E.W. Plumbing and Heating install, replace and repair garbage disposals. You can contact us for expert advice, and we have compiled some of the most common questions and answers about garbage disposals.

What Are the Benefits of Garbage Disposals?

Most homeowners are familiar with garbage disposals. These devices mount between the sink and drain pipes. Garbage disposals help reduce food waste from the sink to drain pipes. The key benefits are:

  • Garbage disposals make food cleanup easier by reducing food and disposing it through your drain pipes
  • Pipes are protected against clogs and build up of food waste when a garbage disposal finely reduces waste
  • They are inexpensive to purchase and install for most applications

There are few drawbacks to consider when considering a garbage disposal:

  • Potential clogs, jams and failure can occur with a garbage disposal
  • You have to use it carefully to keep garbage disposals working properly
  • Some models require maintenance

Installing a New Garbage Disposal

N.E.W. offers complete services for garbage disposals including new installs, diagnosis of malfunctioning disposals and replacement services. We recommend having a professional plumber install or replace your garbage disposal. A DIY installation can quickly lead to leaks, malfunctions and even breaking of new disposals and pipes. Trusting an expert to install your garbage disposal is a smart choice.

Warning Signs a Garbage Disposal Needs to Be Replaced

You can often identify when a garbage disposal is breaking down. If a garbage disposal breaks, you can quickly be left with a mess in your sink and an emergency call to our team. Paying attention to some common indicators may prevent this issue.


Like all plumbing leaks, you should call the professionals at the first drip. Garbage disposals are sealed units and should never leak. 


Clogs may be caused for many reasons. If you try to send the wrong food scraps down the disposal, you may have issues. Even with newer models, too much volume can also result in clogs. If you are experiencing more frequent clogs, the components within the grinding may be wearing down.


As a garbage disposal ages, the performance will decrease. Unusual sounds during operation, food scraps backing up in the sink or intermittent surges in power all indicate an older disposal may be breaking down.

Unusual Noises

Garbage disposals produce noise but unusual sounds, especially metallic shrieking, is cause for attention. Always turn off a garbage disposal before inspecting noises. The best practice is to contact us immediately.

Will Not Turn On

Many garbage disposal have reset buttons. If your garbage disposal does not engage at the switch, you can try to reset the unit. If the garbage disposal will not turn on after resetting it, give us a call. 

Repair Versus Replacement

Our experts can quickly diagnose if repairing your garbage disposal makes sense. Common repairs include replacing switches, fixing jams due to a clog, resealing and repairing clogged drains.

Because garbage disposals are affordable, replacing older or problematic units is always recommended instead of repairing internal components.

When to Call N.E.W.

Garbage disposals simplify your kitchen clean-up. When this appliance starts to be unreliable or breaks down, you can count on our team to quickly deliver a solution. Whether it is clearing a clog or installing a new unit, you can trust our team to provide fair and quality service.