Sump Pump Services

Sump Pump Services in Warsaw, IN

Having a sump pump is pretty common in many areas of the country, and the Warsaw, IN area is no exception. These pumps are important for keeping areas like basements and crawlspaces dry. Because too much water can cause serious problems, it’s vital that your sump pump works the way it should, every time you need it.

At N.E.W. Plumbing & Heating, we can help with sump pump issues such as maintenance, repair, and installation. Whether you live near a creek or stream and want to reduce your risk, or you simply know that the rainy season could send some water into your home’s basement or crawlspace, having a sump pump is never a bad idea.

How Do Sump Pumps Work?

Sump pumps work by detecting water in the pit where they’re located. As the water comes into the pit from the surrounding area, a float or sensor on the pump triggers the pump to start running. That pumps the water out of the pit. The pump may remove water, shut off, and remove water again, as many times as needed, especially during rainy periods or in areas where the water table is very high.

There Different Types of Sump Pumps

While all sump pumps are designed for the same job, there are a couple of different kinds of pumps. Depending on your specific needs as a homeowner, you may want one or more types of pumps.

Battery backup pumps

A battery backup sump pump has a battery that will produce power when needed. If your home’s power goes out, or you have a primary sump pump that’s not working, this pump can still help keep your basement or crawlspace dry. While a battery backup pump can be used as a primary pump, it’s often a secondary option for peace of mind.

Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps are the most common types used. They come in metal and plastic options, and the metal ones are typically stronger and last longer. Because they’re sealed up to prevent any risk of harm from water, you can confidently put them into a sump pit without fear of electrical issues. These pumps can work for years, and proper maintenance will help them last for a very long time.

Common Sump Pump Problems

While a properly maintained sump pump will generally protect your Warsaw, IN home’s basement or crawlspace for a long time, these kinds of pumps don’t last forever and will eventually break down. There are some common problems that can occur with any sump pump.

Clogged or frozen discharge lines

If the discharge line for your sump pump gets clogged with debris, or if it freezes in cold weather, your sump pump isn’t going to work. The pump won’t operate if the line isn’t clear or available, because trying to run in that situation can overheat the pump and cause it to burn out. Making sure to keep lines clear, and wrapping them so they don’t freeze, is important for sump pump maintenance.

Overwhelmed sump pump

Sometimes, there’s just too much water for a sump pump to handle. That means the pump is running all the time, but there’s still standing water. The pump just can’t take the water away fast enough, so that water starts to back up into your basement or crawlspace. Having a secondary pump is a good idea for these kinds of issues, because two pumps can take the water away much faster.

Pump that won’t stop running

If your sump pump is running constantly, it’s important to find out why. This can come from too much standing water continually making its way into the sump pit, but it can also happen when there’s no water in the pit. Since that can harm the pump, it’s important to fix the issue quickly. Sometimes, valves and floats can get stuck. That stops the pump from recognizing that there’s no water, so it just keeps running.

Loss of power

If your sump pump isn’t getting adequate power, it’s not going to run and keep water out of your basement or crawlspace. Since water can be very damaging, you want to make sure it’s not sitting around where it’s not supposed to be. Proper, dedicated power to your sump pump is very important.


What to Know When Buying a Sump Pump

Before you purchase a sump pump, you should know that they come in different horsepower sizes and quality levels. You want to get a pump that’s going to be big enough and strong enough to handle what you’re asking of it. If you get a pump that’s a little bigger than what you actually need, you won’t have to worry about it not being up to the task.

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By working with us at N.E.W. Plumbing & Heating, we can help you choose a sump pump that will be right for your Warsaw, IN home. Our installation services are convenient, and we can work around your schedule. Then you’ll be ready for any standing water, so you don’t have to be concerned when it rains.

You can also have a backup sump pump installed if your home already has one that’s not very strong, and work with us on any maintenance and repair needs. We are here to help you protect and enjoy your home, without standing water worries.