Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Important


Your cooling system is easy to take for granted. Modern air conditioning units perform through the hottest summer days circulating cool air into your home. Every year, season after season, your HVAC system provides comfort and protection against the elements. The air conditioners installed by N.E.W. Plumbing & Heating are built tough to handle the heat, but even the strongest machines need regular maintenance.

Our HVAC professionals know from first-hand experience the importance of preventative maintenance. We regularly encounter air conditioning repairs that could have been prevented with proper maintenance. In the long run, neglecting your AC system leads to higher energy bills, expensive repairs and replacing your HVAC equipment more frequently.

Top 8 Reasons Annual Maintenance Benefits Air Conditioners

The main benefits of regular air conditioner maintenance include saving money on monthly bills, long-term repairs and avoiding replacing your air conditioner prematurely. Keeping your system in tip-top shape is surprisingly affordable especially when you consider these benefits.

1. Energy Efficiency

Air conditioning systems account for a significant amount of your energy bills. The most energy-efficient new air conditioner helps to reduce energy consumption. Regular air conditioner maintenance keeps your bills low. There are several moving parts and plenty of dust and debris floating around the outside unit and throughout your home. Cleaning all the parts, especially the condenser coil and evaporator coil, keeps the heat exchange running smoothly.

2. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Yearly maintenance helps to keep fresh air circulating through your air ducts. During the winter, the indoor air handler components can collect dust, debris and allergens. Your outdoor unit must contend with all that Mother Nature offers including snow, rain, wind and airborne debris. Cleaning the outside unit helps with efficient performance, and cleaning inside the air handler and checking air ducts equals better air quality. We take pride in making sure your HVAC equipment delivers the best indoor air quality possible.

3. Protect your Warranty

A new air conditioner includes a warranty from the manufacturer. Most air conditioner warranties require regular maintenance to remain valid. When our team installs a new AC system, we provide a complete breakdown of the warranty so you know what to expect.

4. Reduce the Risk of Breakdown

Moreover, regular maintenance prevents common AC problems such as clogged air filters, dirty coils, refrigerant leaks, and electrical issues. So even if your air conditioning system is no longer under warranty, an affordable tune up is highly beneficial. HVAC professionals are trained to check for signs of trouble. A corroded wire, loose hardware or a bit of dirt on your condenser coils may not interrupt operations. HVAC professionals find minor issues and safeguard major components like condenser coils, evaporator coils, condensers, and blower motors that cause more expensive repairs. With regular AC maintenance, homeowners can rest assured that their AC units are functioning properly and free from any potential issues.

Eventually, neglect will catch up with your AC system and these minor problems snowball into major expensive repairs. Among the main benefits, annual maintenance is a chance for our team to fix problems before they start.

By scheduling regular AC maintenance, homeowners can enjoy a comfortable and energy-efficient home, while avoiding the hassle and expense of AC unit repairs.

5. Avoid Surprises

When you request planned preventative maintenance, professional technicians do far more than run through a checklist. While the first goal is to help your family stay cool all summer long, your system will be inspected thoroughly. After the inspection, the technician will provide insight into the condition of your HVAC equipment. Air conditioner maintenance helps you plan for replacement and make informed decisions about whether a part might not last through the season. When your system is inspected by our team, you are far less likely to experience surprise outages.

6. Improve Service Life

Regular AC maintenance can extend the lifespan of the AC unit. Dirt and debris are cumulative. Your air conditioner has many moving parts that include wiring, hoses and fittings. When air conditioning is well-maintained, these components are clean and run smoothly. Neglected air conditioners are more likely to break down and experience failure of major components. Regular air conditioner maintenance can add years of service to your unit. Since replacing your air conditioner is a major expense, inexpensive tune-ups in the spring make financial sense.

7. Prevent Health and Safety Risks

Cracks in the evaporator coils, compromised electrical wiring and loss of air conditioning during a heat wave threaten the safety of your home and family. Refrigerant leaks are also detected within a tune up. Likewise, cleaning and inspecting components reduces the risks associated with malfunctioning air conditioning. As previously noted, the cool air in your home is cleaner when your HVAC system is maintained. This helps family members with respiratory concerns, allergies and asthma.

8. Peak Performance

Air conditioning maintenance is a vital aspect of home ownership, as it helps to keep the AC unit operating at peak performance, which in turn leads to numerous benefits. One of the most significant benefits of regular AC maintenance is increased energy efficiency. High-efficiency air conditioning saves money every month. By having your air conditioner serviced regularly, you can ensure that it runs at peak performance and reduces your carbon footprint.

What Maintenance Does an Air Conditioner Need?

An air conditioner requires several routine maintenance tasks to ensure that it operates efficiently and effectively. The manufacturer has a list of services required, and your HVAC technician will address specific tasks throughout the system. Cleaning all components on the outside unit, checking system operations, cleaning indoor air handlers and changing the air filter are all common steps within an air conditioner tune up.

How Do I Know If My Air Conditioner Needs Maintenance?

There are several signs that indicate that your air conditioner needs maintenance. One of the most common signs is an increase in energy bills. If you notice a sudden increase in your energy bills, it could be a sign that your AC unit is not operating efficiently and may need maintenance.

Another common sign is poor indoor air quality. If you notice an increase in dust, allergens, or other particles in the air, it may be a sign that your air filter is dirty or clogged, or that your AC unit is not functioning properly.

How Often Should You Do AC Maintenance?

It is recommended to have routine AC maintenance performed at least once a year, typically in the spring before the start of the hot weather season. If you schedule preventative maintenance before your unit starts for the first time in the spring, you greatly reduce the risk of dirt, debris and foreign objects causing damage.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Service My AC?

Many homeowners forget to schedule maintenance before the warm weather begins. Failing to service your AC can lead to several problems, including decreased efficiency and performance, higher energy bills, and potential health risks due to poor indoor air quality. Even if your system has started running, routine maintenance should be scheduled. Neglecting routine maintenance may lead to breakdowns and the need for costly repairs. In the most extreme cases, we encounter air conditioning systems that must be replaced due to neglect. Even a relatively new air conditioning system can break down.

Hire a Local HVAC Expert

N.E.W. Plumbing & Heating provides our local community with reliable and expert services for all cooling systems including air conditioning, heat pumps and ductless mini splits. We also provide plumbing and heating services. When homeowners find a  reputable HVAC company in their local community, they can trust regular air conditioner maintenance will be catered to their needs and the technician will take the time to listen and answer questions. At N.E.W. Plumbing & Heating, we are deeply committed to the growth and health of our neighbors.