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Plumbing and HVAC Services in Winona Lake, IN

At N.E.W. Plumbing and Heating we provide complete plumbing and HVAC systems installation, maintenance, and repairs. N.E.W. is deeply invested in our local community. Whether you are building a home, growing your business, or simply need professional plumbing, heating, and cooling, we offer a wide range of services in Winona Lake, Indiana.   

N.E.W. understands that plumbing and HVAC requirements are unique for every customer. When you partner with us, we take a personal interest in your needs. We listen to your concerns and provide straightforward options to suit your property.

Complete HVAC Services

Indiana weather ranges from blistering hot summers to frigid winters. No matter the season, N.E.W. offers heating and cooling systems to keep you comfortable. We offer a wide range of equipment and services to solve any issue your Winona Lake property may require. 

Air Conditioning

There is no one size fits all solution for cooling. Regular training keeps our technicians aware of the latest advances in air conditioning technology. When you call on N.E.W., our team provides sound advice on the proper air conditioning system to install in Winona Lake. Years of experience prepare us to repair air conditioners and perform expert maintenance

Ductless Mini Splits

For spaces that do not have ductwork, ductless mini splits provide an excellent solution to cool interiors. The latest designs are highly efficient, quiet, and provide exceptional comfort. Many spaces like sunrooms, additions, converted attics, and outbuildings benefit from ductless mini splits. 

Heat Pumps

If you’re looking for an energy efficient heating and cooling appliance, then ask N.E.W. about air source heat pumps. These systems provide both heating and cooling to your home without burning fossil fuels and consuming very little energy. If you have an air source heat pump as your home’s comfort system, but it needs repairs or maintenance, you can count on the team at N.E.W. for quality services. 

Geothermal Heat Pumps

One of the most asked-about options in HVAC is geothermal heat pumps. Geothermal heat pumps provide both cooling and heating modes. These appliances do not produce any direct emissions because they operate on electricity. The experts at N.E.W. take the time to identify the best solution to suit your needs. Whether you are interested in installing a geothermal heat pump in Winona Lake or require maintenance or repair, our team has you covered.


The most common heating method in Winona Lake and all of Indiana is conventional furnaces. N.E.W. has extensive knowledge to match the best furnace installation to suit your property. Furnaces are a major investment so we work hard to match the most efficient and longest lasting furnace based on the size of your home to keep your household warm and safe during the cold Indiana winters. Our annual furnace maintenance ensures optimal performance, prevents breakdowns and extends the life of your furnace. If you need repair, our team is ready to help whenever you call.


One of the most energy efficient methods to heat homes and businesses, boilers blanket your property in warmth. Installing a boiler or updating a new system helps many people reduce allergy symptoms and feel more comfortable than forced air systems. N.E.W. offers complete repair services and boiler maintenance in Winona Lake. 

Garage Heaters

Many of our neighbors use garages as work spaces, social spaces and even home offices. Winter weather in Indiana shouldn’t disrupt your comfort. N.E.W. offers a number of garage heaters with on-demand heating from a safe and energy efficient source. 

Commercial HVAC

Finding reliable commercial HVAC in Winona Lake is simple. N.E.W. understands the needs and values of local businesses. If you are constructing a new building, our complete commercial HVAC and plumbing services are suited to meet your needs. For existing businesses installing new equipment, scheduling maintenance and repairing broken systems demand a solution to suit your schedule. Our technicians respond to your unique requirements so your employees, customers and property are safe and comfortable.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a priority for many homeowners. For members of your household with allergies, asthma or respiratory issues, N.E.W. can help improve the quality of your home’s indoor air. We offer a complete test and provide the best options to suit your home.

Air Cleaners

Many homeowners use portable air cleaners to improve indoor air quality within a room. A whole house air cleaner can be incorporated into your air ducts to treat all the air. These air cleaner systems help filter all the air moving throughout your home. Media filters help to capture dust, pollen, pet dander and other irritants from circulating into your home. Air cleaners require little maintenance and offer a durable, long lasting solution.

Air Purifiers

Similar to air cleaners, UV air purifiers treat air within your HVAC system. The UV light within these devices targets mold, bacteria and viruses in the air circulating through your system. Installing an air purifier into your HVAC system may prevent illness, allergies, and respiratory issues. When we test your home, we are happy to listen to your specific concerns and needs of your household. 


Dry air within your home may aggravate allergies, irritate skin and generally reduce the comfort within your home. Most homeowners have used a small humidifier during cold months to improve indoor air comfort within a room. A whole house humidifier treats all the air within your home. Especially during winter months when furnaces run regularly, a humidifier offers long-lasting comfort without the need to replace water tanks or change filters. 


N.E.W. installs a number of thermostats including programmable and smart thermostats. Modern thermostats help maintain comfort within your home and reduce energy consumption when you are not home. Programmable thermostats can be set to adjust settings according to your schedule. Smart thermostats are capable of changing settings automatically wherever you move. Smartphone applications allow you to control your heating and cooling systems wherever you are. Our team expertly guides you through the best thermostat to benefit your property and how to use your new thermostat to save money on energy bills.


When you experience plumbing problems in your Winona Lake, IN home, don’t tackle them yourself. Enlisting the help of a professional plumbing expert from N.E.W. will get the job done faster, safer, and more quickly. 

Plumbing Repair

N.E.W. offers complete plumbing solutions including any repair you may need. Whatever plumbing repair you require, our team has the best solution. Our plumbers carefully examine and repair plumbing issues in a timely manner.

Plumbing Fixture Installation

Plumbing is a complex and vital part of your property. If your system is compromised or improperly installed, you can quickly experience rising water bills or even disastrous flooding issues. When you need plumbing fixtures replaced or installed a professional plumber will make sure the job is done properly. 

Backflow Services

When water flows in the reverse direction, call on our team to provide backflow repairs. Contaminated water supplies compromise the health and safety of your home. Our plumbers can quickly identify the issue, fix problems, and install a backflow preventer to avoid issues in the future.  

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains, slow drains and aging pipes can be frustrating. If your shower, sinks, or kitchen drains are clogged, call on our team. We have seen and repaired almost every type of plumbing problem. We can clean drains as a preventative measure or help you in an emergency.

Garbage Disposal

Cleaning dishes is a chore that contributes to food safety, and a broken garbage disposal can lower the quality of your cleaning efforts. Aiding in food cleanup, reducing risks of drain clogs and dependability are all reasons to use a garbage disposal. Whether you need repair, replacement, or a whole new installation, garbage disposals are an affordable appliance to enhance your plumbing. 

Gas Line Services

Among our services, we offer gas line repairs and installations. We provide safe, efficient, and quality services. Natural gas lines should be inspected and any indication of problems are cause for immediate action. When you call on our team we act quickly to help.   

Sewer Ejector Pumps

Foul odors, health risks, and damage to your property are all reasons to consider sewage ejector pumps. Pumps are necessary when any type of plumbing fixture is installed below the main sewer or septic line. These are most commonly used in basements but there are a number of problems a sewage ejector pump helps to solve. Consulting with N.E.W. Plumbing and Heating helps you quickly identify the best plumbing solution for your property.

Sewer Line Services

Wastewater sewer line services include small issues like cleaning and clearing blockages to large issues like breaks and severe blockages. Calling on N.E.W. Plumbing and Heating at the first sign of issues will deliver a solution based on knowledge and experience.

Sump Pumps

Maintenance, repair, and installation of sump pumps are a specialty of N.E.W. Plumbing and Heating. Many properties rely on the performance of a sump pump to prevent flooding and protect your home. If you have concerns about flooding at your property, we are happy to provide a complete consultation.

Water Heaters

There are few appliances more important to a property than a water heater. Reliable hot water within your home is necessary for comfort and hygiene. If you need repair, replacement or new installation, we are happy to help. There are many options for water heaters and N.E.W. will help you sift through the confusion and find the ideal system to suit your home and household needs. 

Water Leaks

Dripping faucets, broken pipes and running toilets waste water, damage property and quickly frustrate property owners. Our team has the equipment and skill to find the source of water leaks and fix the problem properly.

Water Softeners

Hard water is common throughout Winona Lake and most of Indiana. Treating hard water with a water softener reduces deposits on surfaces, may improve comfort of your skin and reduces plumbing repairs. N.E.W. offers repairs and installations on a wide range of water softeners. 

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing in Winona Lake is simplified with N.E.W. Plumbing and Heating. Our staff understands the unique concerns and problems local business owners face. Whether your commercial plumbing project is new construction, renovation or a repair to an existing property, you can depend on our team to quickly respond and address your needs.

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N.E.W. Plumbing and Heating is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Our technicians are NATE certified and members of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association. While we are proud of our professional excellence and thorough knowledge of the systems we install and service, our role in the community is more important. Our team is deeply committed to the health, growth and comfort of the neighbors we serve.  

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