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Air Conditioning Installation in Winona Lake, IN

The heat of Indiana summers can quickly disrupt your daily routine. Air conditioning installation in Winona Lake, Indiana provides an oasis within your home. When you need to replace your existing air conditioner or install an AC unit at a newly built home, N.EW. Plumbing & Heating offers customized solutions. As a local business, we understand the value of high-caliber craftsmanship to homeowners and businesses throughout Winona Lake. You can depend on an easy-to-understand process with attention to your questions and concerns. 

Unlike corporate-owned HVAC companies, our team focuses on consultation and straightforward advice. When you choose N.E.W. Plumbing & Heating to install your new AC unit, we aim to earn your business for a lifetime. This means taking the time to expertly match the best air conditioning system to your home and making sure you feel comfortable with your decision. If you are planning to install a new air conditioner or need an emergency AC replacement, our team is ready to assist.

What to Expect in a New Air Conditioner

Your initial call to N.E.W. may be for an air conditioner repair. If during the service call our technician determines the AC unit should be replaced, there are a few key steps to choosing the best new air conditioner. Our process for all scenarios is to provide clear answers and proven expertise. This will include the following steps:

  1. Size – The first step is matching the right size of air conditioning system to your home. The unit size will depend on the layout of your home and the square footage. Our certified technicians will calculate the proper size of air conditioner for you. If the unit is undersized, it will not perform well, and an oversized AC unit can waste energy and money.

  2. Efficiency – Every homeowner and family has unique needs and priorities. Modern AC units will be far more energy efficient than older models, but you will likely have a few models to choose from that fit the size of your home. SEER ratings indicate how energy efficient the unit is. Higher ratings will use less energy. Some families may want to reduce their energy consumption to save money. Other homeowners prefer a higher SEER rating to reduce their carbon footprint.

  3. Type Another option is the type of air conditioning installation you want for your home. Installing an air conditioner in Winona Lake typically happens once every 15-20 years. You may not be familiar with all of the options available in modern AC units. There are a number of features that increase performance, efficiency and reduce noise. Examples of these features include variable speed motors, zoning control, humidity control, and air purification systems. Our technicians carefully guide you through these options and accessories so you can make a fully informed choice about the best AC unit.

  4. Price – Like any expense, the cost of installing an air conditioner in Winona Lake will help determine the best unit. As a local company, N.E.W. is deeply committed to our customers. We work with you to find the most affordable AC for you without sacrificing quality and long-term benefits. We also partner with financial institutions to provide an easy way to finance air conditioning installation with monthly payments instead of one lump sum.


Signs You Need Air Conditioner Replacement

Upgrading your AC unit can greatly improve the comfort throughout your home and even impact your family’s health. Ultimately, though, you want to get all the value from your existing air conditioner before replacing the system. Knowing when to maintain, repair and replace your air conditioner is important. There are a few signs that indicate that it is time for you to replace your air conditioner in Winona Lake.

  • Age – Your home’s air conditioner will eventually need to be replaced. No matter how well you care for your equipment, the components will start to wear and eventually fail. After 10 years, you should start to monitor for issues. Quickly calling for air conditioner repairs can add years of life to your unit. Most air conditioning systems have a lifespan of 15 years or longer, but the service life will be affected by usage and your lifestyle.

  • Major Repairs – There is a common desire to repair your air conditioner to save money. However, there are some major components that you should not repair as a unit gets older. Performing a major repair on an older unit can quickly start a series of repairs and waste money. If you receive a quote on an AC repair, our team can provide a second opinion and evaluate the overall condition of your system.

  • Rising Utility Costs – A surprise rise in your electric bill is a telltale sign of internal issues within your AC unit. If you notice that your air conditioner is generating higher than normal utility bills, a simple repair or maintenance check may be in order. Worn and malfunctioning AC units will work harder to cool homes which causes energy usage to surge.

  • Performance – If you experience hot spots in your home, uneven cooling, strange noises or any other changes in performance, AC units cannot fix themselves. As soon as you see any signs, call for help. Our technicians provide honest and straightforward solutions on when to repair and when to upgrade your air conditioning system.

Protect Your Air Conditioning System

The best method to know the overall health of your air conditioning system is professional inspections. An annual air conditioning inspection in the spring determines the health of your equipment. During a spring AC tune up, our technicians look for warning signs, fix minor issues and execute processes to protect your equipment from breakdown. Regular maintenance of your new air conditioning system is easy by signing up for our Planned Customer Service Program. This ensures your AC is running optimally each year. 


As well as protecting the manufacturer warranty on your AC unit, a well-maintained air conditioning system is most likely to: 

  • Save You Money – Maintenance protects against air conditioning repairs and reduces energy bills by calibrating the AC system.

  • Improve Operation – Professional maintenance protects your new system and enhances the comfort of your home with better cooling and humidity control.

  • Protect Service Life – Well-running equipment is less likely to wear and fail. Maintenance guards your new air conditioning from wearing out because of unnecessary damage.

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For AC installation services in Winona Lake, Indiana, homeowners and businesses trust the experts at N.E.W. Plumbing & Heating. We have the highest quality equipment including high-efficiency air conditioners and smart technology options. More importantly, we back the best new air conditioners with time-tested customer service. As a local company, we will always be ready to quickly help you with AC installation, repair and maintenance. Whether you need HVAC or plumbing service, N.E.W. Plumbing & Heating is ready to help.