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Furnace Installation in Winona Lake, IN

Winters throughout Indiana are guaranteed to be cold and almost certainly frigid. In Winona Lake, IN furnace installation should always be performed by trained professionals. The team at N.E.W. Plumbing and Heating are not simply experts, we are deeply connected to the local community. We are committed to providing the best services to our neighbors through careful consideration and excellent installation of your new furnace.

Benefits of a New Furnace

At N.E.W. Plumbing and Heating, we take the time to help you choose the best furnace to suit your needs. Every property and household is unique. Selecting the best furnace for your home is determined by size, design, space and the goals of your household. Replacing an aging furnace has a few immediate benefits:

  • Efficiency – Advances in design mean new furnaces are far more energy efficient than older models. Furnaces also lose efficiency over time. A new furnace will use less energy to heat your home. When you use less energy, you’ll notice your utility bills drop, making it more affordable to heat your home. 
  • Performance – When you choose to work with N.E.W. Plumbing and Heating, we take the time to evaluate your home. Problems like inconsistent heating, breakdowns, and excess dust will be a thing of the past. A new furnace installed by N.E.W. will blanket your property in warmth. 
  • Reliability – As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, you can sleep easy knowing your new heating system is built to last. Backed by our professional maintenance services and the manufacturer’s warranty, new furnaces will last for a decade or longer.

When to Replace a Furnace

Most homeowners in Winona Lake don’t replace furnaces every year. Learning some of the common signs a furnace is breaking down, help you prepare for a new furnace purchase.

  • Age – Even the best furnaces eventually wear down. If your furnace is more than 10 years old, you should carefully consider whether to repair or replace it. Our technicians will advise you on the overall condition of the furnace during an inspection.
  • RepairsFrequent repairs and expensive repairs are signs your furnace may be failing. Often homeowners will spend money to repair an older furnace only to have another component breakdown. It is important to consult with an experienced HVAC technician before repairing an older furnace to see which is the more economical option. 
  • Energy Use – Paying attention to your energy usage is a wise idea at any time. Sudden spikes in how much energy your furnace is using relate to the overall health of the internal components. Older furnaces are less efficient and use far more energy to warm your home.
  • Sounds – This includes how often your furnace is running, the duration of cycles, and any strange sounds within your HVAC system. A furnace that runs too frequently or shuts off before achieving the preferred temperature may be close to failing. Any changes in sound during operation are also a cause for attention.

If you suspect your furnace is at risk of breaking down, calling on our team may prevent a major repair or need for replacement. Our technicians are committed to helping every homeowner make an informed decision. 

Financing Options for Furnaces

A furnace is one of the most expensive appliances in your property. Fortunately, a new heating system provides reliable comfort for many years. N.E.W. Plumbing and Heating offers financing options through Greensky Financing. Whether a new furnace installation is an emergency or a planned update the option to finance major expenses helps homeowners in Winona Lake’s budget.

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For furnace installation services in Winona Lake, IN, N.E.W. is a smart choice. Our team provides clear and concise information about Carrier furnaces. When you need maintenance, repairs, and installations we are ready to help you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.